Yikes: New York Mets Botch Lineup Card

Written by: Tom McCabe

Here at This is Not a Sports Show HQ, we loooove fresh ideas. Segments are a fun way to filter through ideas and as you may have noticed during some episodes, I enjoy coming up with segment ideas on the fly. Which is exactly what I’m doing right now. Welcome to the first ever edition of yikes (patent pending)!!!!

Remember a week and a bit ago when I wrote about the Mets in my review of the league after one month of play? And I mentioned their super hot start? And that they looked pretty good but I wasn’t totally sold? Yeah…things have pivoted. After publishing that column (May 2nd) the Mets dropped their next 7 contests. That doesn’t include the loss on May 2nd or the loss before that…so yeah…yikes. Mickey Callaway and co. are yet to win a game in May and have dropped from first to fourth in the National League East. So far in the month, the team has a combined .203 batting average, dumped Matt Harvey and have a run differential of 49-21. Again, stats are for losers but this ship clearly has seemed to hit a Empire State sized iceberg.

To top all of that off, they lost today to the Reds (if you can’t win a series against the damn Reds…yikes) by a score of 2-1. However, what happened to the Mets in the 1st inning is likely already the 2018 BrainFart of the Year (also patent pending) winner and the reason for our first ever yikes segment. Also this is the first ever segment introduced through print. TRANSMEDIA SURE IS FUN KIDS!

Anyways, here is the lineup the Mets announced pregame.

Looks great. Only important thing to notice is the 2nd and 3rd spot. Wilmer Flores is slated to bat second while Asdrubal Cabrera hits in the third spot.  Twitter, the lineup card in the Mets dugout and every other lineup posted publicly displayed this order. The Mets batted in this order in the top of the 1st inning. But it was wrong! This is because on the lineup card given to the umpires (the only one that matters), Cabrera and Flores were swapped, with Cabrera in the 2 spot and Flores penciled in the 3 spot.

So with two outs, Cabrera doubled. Nice little two out rally maybe? Nah, the double counts but the following batter, Jay Bruce, who was in the correct spot in the batting order is called out. The Reds seemed to notice fairly quickly and things would’ve been a bunch more complicated had Cabrera somehow scored. Jay Bruce is out for doing nothing wrong but playing for a team that made a Little League mistake and the Mets don’t score in the top of the 1st. The Reds went on to win by one run in extra innings. Mickey Callaway said to media afterwards that the error “probably cost us the game”  and took blame for the mishap.

To any fans of the Mets, I’m sorry for questioning and inadvertently jinxing your team by asking if they were legit. As of right now, they don’t appear to be. Nine losses in a row, ended off win a series loss to the worst team in the National League, highlighted by a mistake you haven’t seen since your nephew’s second tee-ball game (or the 2016 Milwaukee Brewers). It is with great honour that I present the first ever yikes, to none other than the New York Mets.  Congratulations!




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