Hey sports fans

Welcome! This site is going to be our internet HQ for This is Not a Sports Show. It will feature links to our episodes on YouTube and other podcast services (once we correctly figure out how to internet) as well as some blog style articles covering sports, music, pop culture, our challenges and anything else we feel like sharing. You’ll also find some dank memes (fuckin millennials man….also is swearing on the internet ok?) and other fun posts.

Ultimately we wanted to create a website to publish more content and continue to share our expert opinions and analysis on every topic ever. If this is your first time checking us out, thank you. To those who already know what were about, thanks for comin by. We love hearing from friends of the show about episode or challenge ideas as well as general feedback. So please don’t hesitate to drop us a line about anything at all!

We appreciate your visit, please come again soon and Fuck Roger Goodell.


Tom & Jordan


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