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New Music Friday: 02/01 – Weezer Have Become More Meme Than Band

OK look, last week Weezer came out with The Teal Album , their 12th studio album, and first of entirely covers.

I didn’t review it for a couple of reasons; First of all, I refuse to take part in the memeification of a band I at one point in time, actually held in a pretty high regard. But the main reason I avoided it was because it’s just not that good. With every cover on the record Weezer pretty much takes the shot-for-shot remake approach and offers nothing fresh or original other than some overproduced drums, typically crunchy guitars, and the occasional synth melody. This week however, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has done something so ridiculous, even I can’t ignore it.

I assure you this man is a threat to society

“Gucci Rock N Rolla” is a 3 minute hip-pop jam from the unlikely A-Team of producers Snakehips, the most loveable pop rapper in the game KYLE and yes, that 40-something Johnny Knoxville look-a-like Rivers Cuomo.

I’m gonna get it out of the way–yes, I do like the song-but that doesn’t mean that everything about it isn’t terrible. Starting with the chorus in which the 48 year old Cuomo sings he’s “Feeling like a baller“.

Actual photo of Rivers Cuomo arriving at the “Gucci Rock n Rolla” Sessions

And just because I like it doesn’t mean i’m okay with it. 48 year old white dudes shouldn’t even be allowed in Gucci stores let alone able to write songs about them. If you needed anymore proof that River’s Cuomo was old as shit-think about the fact that he actually wrote the words “If you want to judge me that’s fine, cause i’m all lit up in my mind”. This dude is a straight up Narc.

the cancer is spreading

A Narc who needs to be stopped.

No other reviews this week. I’m buying a gun.

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