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New Music Friday 01/25: Injury Reserve, Angel Du$t, Benny Sings.

Sometime in 2015 the Illuminati decided new music should be released on Fridays. Sometime in 2019 I decided I’d start talking about it. Here’s the first installment of a weekly series where I’ll be recommending some of my favourite music from the week. Sure an algorithm might know you better, but they’re just so impersonal!

Injury Reserve ft. Rico Nasty & PRO TEENS – Jawbreaker [Single]

“How come you’re staring like you don’t know what it’s for? Get your shit together get your jaw up off the floor”

It’s been six years since their first release and Injury Reserve still might be the hardest group in all of hip hop to try and put in a box. They’re experimental, conscious, and forward thinking, and yet there is a sense of nostalgia in their style, a disparity in vision between them and their contemporaries, maybe, a certain it factor.

Whatever it is, manifests itself most recently in the Jawbreaker single/video. Jawbreaker is a track about being true to yourself as well as an attack on hype beast culture and those who benefit from it, (very specific shot’s fired at Ian Connor)

The seemingly minimalist xylophone led rap track features a sneakingly catchy hook from fellow Phoenix band PRO TEENS, as well as an empowering verse on individualism from Rico Nasty. Musically her voice offers a nice contrast from the other MC’s, helping to create an interesting sonic experience, something that seems to be crucially important to producer Parker Corey’s style. Though the beat could be described as minimalist, that’s never really the case when IR build a song. The more and more you listen to the track, the more you hear, the more you hear the producers influence on the songs construction, and the artists inflections, and for some reason it just works.

The only downside to the Injury Reserve process is timing. The group has been teasing their self titled LP and Loma Vista debut Injury Reserve for about a year now, and still no firm release date has been set, though it is expected to drop later this year. Watch the video below or stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

Angel Du$t – Lil Buff [EP]

“If that’s the sound you’re dreaming of I think you’ve found a big ass love”

Baltimore hardcore outfit Angel Du$t is back with another handful of pop-infused punk rock jams. The short and sweet ‘Lil Buff’ acts as a preview for the bands next full-length LP, ‘Pretty Buff’. PB Will be the bands 3rd LP, and their first since signing with Roadrunner Records (Code Orange, Slipknot). The album is set to be released in March.

The EP debut’s two new tracks, Bang My Drum and On My Way. The EP also includes the previously released Big Ass Love and Take Away the Pain. Bang My Drum and Big Ass Love are obvious single choices: fun verses, big (ass?) choruses, and well rounded production-a job handled by the indie heart throb Will Yip (Tigers Jaw, Turnover).

While big hooks and catchy riffs are nothing new for Angel Du$t, it’s safe to say Lil Buff is the bands most pop sounding release to date. Three of the four tracks feature acoustic guitar, a first for the band, and two of four feature a saxophone (surprisingly not a first for the band). I’m excited to see how this sound will manifest itself in the form of a full length LP, but until then check out the new video’s for Bang My Drum and Big Ass Love below and stream Lil Buff on Spotify and Apple Music.

Benny Sings – Not Enough [Single]

“*Saxophone Solo*”

You might know Dutch musician Benny Sings from his work with Rex Orange County, or maybe that time he covered Drake, but he’s been releasing his own music for over 15 years, with his 8th studio album ‘City Pop’ due in February.

This week he dropped the first single from it, Not Enough, a sly, incredibly dancey pop track based around a piano riff and featuring a horn section, shimmering synths, an immovable tambourine and a fantastic sax solo. Dive right in, and then dive into his 2018 album ‘Beat Tape’ and thank me later.

There’s no official video right now but Benny’s blog promises a “pretty wild” video coming next week. For now listen here or stream on Spotify or Apple Music!

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