Episode 38-Antonio Brown, A-Rod vs Canseco & Unpopular Opinions

On episode 38 of This is Not a Sports Show, Ivan leaves 5 minutes in after having enough of workplace abuse (he had to go to work and grind 4 dolla bills). Tom and Jordan stuck around and continued the show, discussing AB’s wild trade to the Raiders, what it means for NFL players moving forward as well as some other NFL speculation. They also congratulate the Lakers for officially giving up on the season, Manny Machado for doing the same thing, A-Rod’s possible MMA career and infidelity. Finally, they wrap it up by discussing the fad of “unpopular opinions” before giving a few of their own (this got off the rails quick).

Enjoy!! p.s Jordan does think cancer is bad, he wanted to make that clear. He was reading someones tweet.

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