Episode 32- Year End Review, MLB Offseason, UFC 231, Nylander’s Return and XFL Hype

For the last episode of 2018, the fellas combined two episodes worth of content into one MEGA GIANT ULTRA 2018 FINALE BONANZA. The first half is some good ‘ole discussion focusing on the already intriguing MLB offseason, the return of William Nylander and which NHL teams are shaping up to be a true wagon, Ivan and Jordan also break down an exciting UFC 231 before finishing up with trying to figure out how Vince plans to make the XFL actually work this time. 

For the second half, it’s a very uncultured year in review for the “arts.” Each moron picks their top albums, TV shows and movies for the year. Were you in a coma for 2018 and need some good entertainment? Boy do we have recommendations for you! Lastly, we reflect on the year that was and set a few new years resolutions that we won’t keep at all.

(skip ahead to the 1 hour mark if you just wanna hear the year end babble) 

Thank you so much to everyone who has been a listener at any point in time, we really do appreciate the support and feedback we get, it’s been a fun year! 

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