Episode 22- Mac Miller Reflections, Undefeated Cleveland Browns, NFL Week 2 Preview, Beatle Shmeat, Watch the Throne 2(?)

Episode 22 is here. Right off the top we reflect on the career of Mac Miller, his place in hip-hop and what his artistry will leave behind.

Eventually we get back to being idiots. Discussing all the NFL week 1 stories (Hue Jackson still has a job, Ryan Fitzpatrick’s beard) before looking ahead to week 2. New segment called “bullshit or legit” for the potential of Watch the Throne 2. We finish up with an…..interesting conversation on masturbation. The Beatles did it. Should you?  (do not listen past the 46:00 minute mark if you do not want to hear two 20-year-olds discuss masturbation at length)


RIP Mac Miller aka Larry Fisherman aka the Rap Diablo

Much Love.

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