This is Not a Sports Show was started by morons for morons. We love sports as much as the next guy or gal, what we don’t love is throwing so many numbers and stats trying to prove a point that you forget what we’re talking about. Some things are simple: LeBron James is good at basketball. John Cena is electric. Tweety Bird was a defensive liability for the Tune Squad. You get it. We like to keep it simple and have fun talking about the world around us. While we largely focus on sports, expect lots of music talk as well as general references to popular culture, all while failing to take ourselves very seriously.

TL;DR We like to make stuff, and enjoy sharing some stories.

Who are these self-proclaimed morons that decided to venture into the world of becoming blog boys, otherwise known as KD’s favourite subculture? Let’s find out.

TomCircleFaceTom McCabe is a sport media student at Ryerson University, who firmly believes in a few things. Space Jam is a cinematic masterpiece that deserved an Oscar, Dez caught the football, cereal is the most important food group and that Mats Sundin is the greatest Toronto athlete of all time. An avid Toronto sports fan, he is no stranger to being disappointed, and hopes this site/show does not disappoint you the way the Raptors do in the playoffs. Also, he really likes dogs.

JordanCircleFace Jordan Mason is growing his hair out to fight the fact that he’s balding at 21 years old. He studies media production at Ryerson university, but still does most of our graphic design in Microsoft Paint™. While sports are fun, Jordan’s passions include music, shawarma, and comedy (in that order). A die hard Cleveland Browns fan, Jordan lost his will to live years ago.

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